Four Laramie County Sheriff's Deputies have been recognized for saving lives, according to a post on the Laramie County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

According to the post ''Deputies Graham, Hermelink, Chaffin and Rybak received Lifesaving Awards recently. The Lifesaving Award is given to individuals that took action in an effort to save a human life, which, without such intervention would have likely resulted in death.''

All four work in the Laramie County Detention Center commonly referred to as the jail. We reached out to Capt. Don Hollingshead, who oversees the jail, to ask about the four deputies and how they saved lives. Here is what he told us:

''Graham stopped a suicidal inmate from jumping over the second floor railing in one of the housing unites. Rabak and Chaffin stopped an inmate from jumping over the railing in a housing unit. Hermelink found an unresponsive inmate on the floor of her cell during a safety check and assisted in rendering aid which saved the inmates life."

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