There were many people who enjoyed the ambiance, food and friends at Cheyenne's Morris House Bistro on Warren Ave. Like other local businesses, they are closed.

According to the Morris House Bistro Facebook page, this announcement was recently posted:

"I really thought about what to say tonight and how to say it most eloquently but couldn't think of anything other than thanks y'all for a wonderful 5 plus years. As u closed and locked the doors of the bistro for the last time tonight my heart hurt and pained because a phase in my life is over. Thank you all for your support and I hope that y'all will think fondly of the Morris house bistro as it has, like so many other local businesses, come to an end. Merry Christmas I will remember it fondly." Dameione

Gary Freeman, TSM
Gary Freeman, TSM

Many people commented on their Facebook page about it being the best meal they've had in Cheyenne. Others expressed their memories when they had their birthday parties there and eating a good Rib Eye steak when they were pregnant.

This is a good reminder to enjoy your dollars locally and support local businesses when you can. We wish them all the best in their next endeavor.


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