The Fourth of July is upon us and many will be looking to celebrate with a bang, but which fireworks are legal in Cheyenne?

Simply put, anything that explodes or leaves the ground, such as aerials, bottle rockets, fountains, and Roman candles, is illegal, and violators could be issued a citation and a possible fine.

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“The use of consumer fireworks is not allowed anywhere within the city limits of Cheyenne, including private property, except for sparklers, smoke devices, and novelties,” said Bob Mason, chief of prevention at Cheyenne Fire Rescue.

CFR: Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

To prevent injuries and possible death, CFR encourages residents to leave the fireworks to the professionals and take in Cheyenne's annual fireworks show presented by Cheyenne Frontier Days and the City of Cheyenne, which gets underway at 9:35 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

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To report illegal fireworks or concerns involving fireworks, residents can call police dispatch at 307-637-6525.

The police department says officers will be assigned to watch for fireworks-related offenses and the DUI Command Vehicle will be posted to watch for impaired drivers.

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