What is it with celebs and Wyoming? We've had Facebook giants and Kardashians visit this summer, and the parade of stars visiting the Cowboy State just seems to keep on coming!

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This go-around, the limelight is on "New Girl" and "Elf" star Zooey Deschanel - who, according to People magazine and Deschanel's Instagram page, took a trip earlier this month to Wyoming, a.k.a. "the wild, wild west" (we'll hold the Will Smith quotes for another time.

Of course, Zooey wasn't alone! She brought along her boyfriend, Jonathan Scott, and her kids. HGTV fans will no doubt recognize Scott from the reno show Property Brothers. The love and adoration practically fly off the adorable pics the couple shared on social media.

Where in Wyoming Did Zooey and Jonathan Visit?

Good question! The couple didn't shed light on the location of their photos, but I will say one thing, it looks like they didn't do the typical "Jackson, Wyoming" visit the celebs seem to love these days. The photos show the family out hiking in the prairie, and there's even a tractor in one of the pics. It looks like they went for a more realistic, less touristy version of Wyoming - good for them!

So what did the couple think of Wyoming? Obviously, they loved it. Deschanel said in her Insta posts, "A week in the Wild West with my herd ✨," and shared pics featuring sweet kisses and smiles.

And Scott loved Cowboy country just as much, saying, "What beautiful company hiking and riding in such beautiful country." He went on to add, "Thank you Wyoming for your hospitality Thank you @zooeydeschanel for accepting my 7 day unshaven streak "

Can you say "d'aaaaaw?"

Check out Zooey's Instagram album below:

And here's Jonathan's pics:

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