Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr, on Tuesday, floated the possibility of changing two of the city's major north-south avenues--Central and Warren--from their current one-way status to two-way streets.

In response to complaints about speeding on Warren and Central Avenues, she commented "I would actually love to see those one-ways go to two ways. I think that's one way to slow the traffic."

She noted that she often sits on her porch at Warren and Second and watches the traffic race by. The mayor made the comments during an interview on KGAB-AM on Tuesday morning.

But not everyone would be enthusiastic about such a change.

When asked about the idea on Wednesday, City Councilman Richard Johnson said "Human beings are creatures of habit. By creating those two avenues, that have been one-way for decades as two-ways, the number of collisions would be staggering. I'd be fascinated to see Cheyenne's learning curve on this change when I still get complaints about how drivers don't know how to use a roundabout."

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