A proposed ordinance in the Cheyenne City Council would allow for a doubling of fines for speeding tickets in areas identified as having a problem with speeding.

Under the proposal, people could sign a petition asking the city to study their neighborhoods for traffic concerns. If at least five people in a neighborhood sign such a petition, the city will conduct a study to determine if there are safety concerns related to speeding. The complaint forms for people who want to raise the issue will be available to the public through the city engineer's office.

If the study determines that unsafe driving poses a problem, the neighborhood could be designated a Critical Traffic Control Area. People ticketed for speeding in such an area would face double the usual fine for speeding in the city, similar to a ticket for speeding in a construction zone. Other measures, like temporary calming devices, might also be taken.

Local Safety Hazards Caused By Bad Drivers

So are speeders the biggest problem we face when driving in Cheyenne?

You see a lot of comments on social media about people running red lights or stop signs. That can be extremely dangerous for obvious reasons. Is it a real problem, or are people exaggerating?

Wyoming has the dubious distinction of often ranking first or second impaired drivers per capita. Is that the biggest issue in Cheyenne?

How about school zone violations? Or people suddenly making turns or changing lanes without signaling?

Maybe you think the problem is something else entirely? Write in your choice!

So...you tell us..what is the biggest safety issue posed by Cheyenne drivers?

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