If you have lived in Cheyenne for a very long time, you know it pays to drive defensively during Cheyenne Frontier Days.

That's always a good policy, of course, but driving in CFD traffic tends to have some unique challenges.

Part of it is just about numbers of course. Frontier Days typically brings far more people to city streets than is true the rest of the year. That often means bumper-to-bumper traffic in the hottest weather of the summer, with temperatures of 90 degrees plus not unusual.

That might not qualify as a heat wave in Arizona, but it does here. Hopefully, your air conditioning is working.

Needless to say with an event that draws people from across the country, a fair number of those people don't know where they are going and may not instantly recognize one-way streets. They may stop unexpectedly when there is no traffic light or stop sign or any apparent reason for doing so. They may turn or change lanes at some strange times. It really pays to keep your head on a swivel.

The flip side of that is people who are frustrated with the crowds and slow traffic get frustrated and make bad decisions behind the wheel. Maybe they run a red light or a stop sign. It's a really bad idea, but we all know it happens.

Then there are the usual frustrations of driving in Cheyenne. Potholes don't go on vacation during CFD. And lots of local motorists have war stories to tell about the driving kills of other local motorists, and not just during Frontier Days.

Lastly, and we all know it happens, there are drunk drivers. At this point, everyone knows how dangerous drinking and driving is, but it keeps happening. Maybe more so doing a time of celebration and when taxi service might be a little slow.

So what is the single biggest traffic hazard? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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