We recently conducted an unscientific poll with our radio audience, on what they thought about the potential lift of the smoking ban in bars in Cheyenne. Here's what they said.

In just a few days, over 760 people on our social media sites weighed in on whether or not they wanted the smoking ban in bars, taverns and lounges lifted.

City Councilman Richard Johnson talked about potentially removing the ordinance that was put in place in 2006. We asked whether or not the public agreed with it and this is what they said.

  • Over 58 percent said 'No', to lifting the smoking ban. Comments on the poll were stated by smokers who frequented bars. Some of them admitted to smoking, but didn't want their social groups to be subjected to the smoke.
  • Almost 42 percent of our radio listening audience, on social media, stated that they would like to see the ban lifted.

Keep in mind that this was an unscientific poll. It is just a fun way to see where you might stand on the city lifting the smoking ban in public bars, taverns and lounges.