On Monday evening, at the Cheyenne City Council meeting, it was proposed that we allow residents to house chickens on their property within city limits. The results are in.

Our listeners participated in a poll, when asked if they supported chickens within city limits, or if they were against them. Here is what they said about the issue.

  • About 64% said they loved chickens and would support allowing them in their neighborhoods.
  • About 18% said that chickens life styles are nasty, and don't want them in their neck of the woods.
  • Almost 10% recognized that this is a property rights issue and they should be allowed.
  • About 9% said they really don't care. I'll venture to bet they will care, especially if their neighbors decide to take advantage of the potentially new ordinance.

So all in all, about 85% of our voters are in support of fresh eggs and poultry in the neighborhood. What are your thoughts about the results? Share them with us in the comments section below. We'll see what city council decides.