One of the worst things a family can go through is when their loved one has been murdered and the case is unsolved. Wyoming has her own such cases.

So, we call upon Sheriff Walt Longmire to be the man on the case. Here are 5 actual unsolved Wyoming mysteries, that we think Longmire could solve.

Again, these are actual cases that have yet to be solved in Wyoming and the will, no doubt, leave you wondering who did it.

  1. The Stabbing of Camilo Moreno - According to police records, Moreno's body was found stabbed to death, east of Wheatland on Grey Rocks Road on February 1, 2000. He had been reported missing since November 1999 and his automobile was found near Castle Rock, Colorado. The case remains unsolved with no suspects.
  2. The Disappearance of Amy Wroe Bechtel - On July 24, 1997, Amy Wroe Bechtel was jogging in the Loop Road area between South Pass and Lander. They found her car along the side of the road, but she has yet to be found.
  3. The James Kamai Murder - It was the morning of June 21, 2001 and Kamai was heading down College Drive in Cheyenne. Apparently there was some road rage going on. Kamai stepped out of his car to confront the other driver, while leaving his two children in the car. Kamai lost his life and a suspect is still unknown, even though it has been reported that tips continue to come in.
  4. The Rape and Beating of Shawny Smith - In February of 2003, Smith, the mother of two, was found beaten and raped to death in a field in Weld County, Colorado. She was from Cheyenne. The report states that there was a suspect in the case, however there was not enough evidence to convict. The mystery is still unsolved.
  5. The Murder of Escapee Robert Lee Thornock - It was reported that Robert Thornock escaped the Cache County Jail in Logan, Utah on February of 1997. The weird part is that his body was found in Strawberry Creek in Lincoln County, Wyoming. With no suspect, the case remains a mystery.