Probably the toughest thing for the human psyche to handle is the unknown. Throughout the existence of human kind we have looked to those who claim to have knowledge of what it going to happen.

Today, we look to studies and polls in the same way, with the same pathetic results.

The year 2020 has been such a sucky year we are now using both fake "science" and soothsayers, more than ever, with the same pathetic results.

According to the New York Times online traffic for horoscope and psychic consultations. Astrologers and tarot card readers have spiked in 2020 to an all time high.

CBS Dallas spoke to Physic Michelle Welch. She notice a big jump in her business this year. “Since the pandemic, it’s just been an explosive amount of people coming in our stores and also through Zoom and on online and also on the phone,” 

One fortune-tellers CBS spoke to claimed a 70% jump in business this year.

Since 2020 keeps throwing us curve balls, you can imagine that jump in business would also bring a lot of repeat costumers.

It's not just readings that spiked in 2020 but sales of charms and crystals. Anything that might make a person think they are warding off demons or bad luck.

You might have thought that we were living in a more enlightened time. You might have imagined that science had taken over and suspicion was on the decline. Maybe it was, for a little while. But bring on one bad year with unpredictable bad times and watch how fast people turn back to the old ways.

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