Brett McMahon gave Congressional testimony last week to the House Oversight Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending in order to offer his insight on the results of the Obama Administration's green energy programs. Brett said, “The literature from the Green Collar jobs initiative show that they are seeking union-friendly and union-exclusive policies…The Green Collar jobs initiative is really just a scheme to bar non-union construction companies.”  Brett will talk with us  about this toady at 7:07AM MST on The Morning Zone.

At 7:37, Jesse Richards guests. He is an author of The Secret Peace: Exposing the Positive Trend of World Events and  will speak on the decline of extreme poverty and other reasons why the world, while far from perfect, is actually better.

Dale Steenbergen, Executive Director of The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is back at  8:07AM and will talk more about the Cheyenne economy and business climate. We will also talk with him about the loss of 70 jobs at F.E. Warren Air Force Base.