Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and C-E-O Dale Steenbergen says the Laramie County and Wyoming economies are showing a lot of signs of growth right now.

Steenbergen says locally the Microsoft Data Center and the construction of a new Menards store on Dell Range are right on schedule. Steenbergen also notes that the current price of crude oil at roughly $118 a barrel, while not good news for motorists, can only encourage development of the Niobrara oil play.

And Steenbergen says earlier this week his office received a call from a retailer interested in locating to Cheyenne. Steenbergen in fact says both the chamber and Cheyenne ;LEADS have been getting a lot of calls from businesses exploring the opportunities in the Cheyenne area recently.

Statewide, Steenbergen says Wyoming is the beneficiary of what he says are the out of control government spending and tax policies of states such as New York and Nevada. He says Wyoming will remain attractive to companies based in those states as long as state and local governments here maintain a business friendly climate. He says that includes low taxes and a minimum of regulations by state, county and municipal governments.