A recent study listed the least popular fast food joint in the state of Wyoming and there's no way this can be accurate. I'm basing this notion, not on my opinion alone, but the fact that this particular fast food spot in Wyoming is known to be a go-to among peers and other acquaintances. It's also constantly busy during its business hours and that has nothing to do with its customer service, which is relatively quick.

Recently, 'Eat This, Not That', which is typically dead on with many surveys it does, looked to see what is the least popular fast food chain in every state. However, knowing what I know about the Cheyenne and Laramie communities and they're overall opinion of this franchise, I'm thinking something's off.

Normally, when research is off, it's always when it's someone saying, "I did my own research". However, that was not the case here. 'Eat This, Not That' used a custom Twitter Application Programming Interface to identify negative sentiment for the a particular fast food chain in each state. Over three months, over 200,000 geotagged tweets were used to determine the least popular fast food chain for each particular state. Somehow, the least popular fast food chain in Wyoming was Taco Bell.

I am at a loss for words on this. There's not a person I know who doesn't like Taco Bell. The one on Lincolnway in Cheyenne is constantly busy and is certainly a hot commodity during all hours of operation. Of course, the Taco Bell on Dell Range is closed as its going through reconstruction right now. Given the fact that no one is happy this is closed could be factored into the research given that there's plenty of negative sentiment about it since it's currently closed. That is my number one theory. It could very well be wrong, but there must be an explanation.

Of course, perhaps people are still up in arms about the Mexican Pizza being taken off the menu, which seemed to be the most popular menu item that was taken away in 2020. I, for one, don't care about the Mexican pizza. Just don't dare touch the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Leave that on the menu forever, and Taco Bell, I will love you forever!

As for what other chains were the least popular in other states, McDonald's and Burger King took that title for the majority of the states. Wendy's and Arby's had a few mentions, which a few others going to Taco Bell (bunch of sickies).

One great thing Taco Bell does have tomorrow is because of their 'Steal a Base, Steal a Taco' promotion they are doing in conjunction with the World Series, you can grab a free taco from the store at any time tomorrow (not available for delivery).

Thanks to Ozzie Albies' stolen base, everyone gets free tacos at Taco Bell tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that will definitely be a pretty popular thing, wouldn't it?

Of course, everyone has their preferences when it comes to fast food in Wyoming. But Taco Bell? How could that be, Wyomingites? Say it ain't so!

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