Is it time for Wyoming communities--or at least its larger cities, like Cheyenne, Casper, and Laramie--to build more roundabouts?

Cheyenne has several roundabouts, including the best-known one at Pershing/Converse/19th Street. While Cheyenne motorists have different opinions of the roundabout, many seem to have accepted it and use it regularly. Others go out of their way to avoid them, especially at high-traffic times.

Supporters of roundabouts argue that they are safer and that what accidents do occur tend to be more of the "fender bender'' variety. They argue that they are a modern, safe and convenient way to handle traffic on busy city streets.

But some Cheyenne residents who dislike roundabouts say that real-world experience, at least in Wyoming, doesn't bear that out. Some say that while roundabouts are fine in places where people know how to use them, Wyoming is not one of those places. Others say roundabouts are inconvenient and, and say they are more comfortable with old-fashioned four-way stops and traffic lights.

So what do you think? Do city planners in Wyoming's larger cities need to build more roundabouts? Would some kind of education program make that a good idea, or is it just a bad fit for Wyoming drivers?




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