Seven Johnson Junior High School staff members are being lauded as life-saving heroes.

Principal Brian Cox says the group -- Frondee Waters, Tyler Nicholas, Kelly Perez, Misti Fisher, Officer David Allen, Ursula Abeyta, and Paula Vye -- were "put to the test in a situation where a student had a very serious medical emergency."

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"Each one of these staff members (played) a very critical role in making sure that that student is still alive and with his family today," Cox said during Monday night's Laramie County School District 1 Board of Trustees meeting, where the magnificent seven were recognized for their life-saving efforts.

"There is no greater gift than being able to give back to our community and to our students and these folks right here gave back in the most meaningful way I can think of as a parent myself," Cox added. "They were able to send a student back home to their parents the way they dropped him off."

Cox, who has served as Johnson's principal for the last seven years, says this is just "one small example" of what his staff does on a daily basis.

"Often you are unsung heroes on a regular basis," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Margaret Crespo. "I want to make sure that you understand how impactful you were and how much we absolutely recognize your incredible work in a moment of crisis."

"The teachers and staff in our buildings affect the lives of our students every day, but never as directly as this," said Board Chairman Tim Bolin. "So, thank you."

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