Respondents to a Townsquare Media of Cheyenne poll over the last week narrowly chose Patrick Collins over Rick Coppinger for Mayor of Cheyenne.

But the poll results were much closer than the Aug. 18 primary election results.

Collins finished over 5,000 votes ahead of Coppinger in the primary, with incumbent Mayor Marian Orr finishing a close third behind Coppinger. With over 500 people responding to our online poll, Collins, the former city councilman got 45 percent of the vote to 43 percent for Coppinger.

The rest were either undecided or didn't like either candidate. Over the course of the week, the lead in the poll results changed numerous times. Online polls are not scientifically weighted to match the demographics of likely voters and are simply open to anyone who chooses to participate.

Voters will choose the next Mayor of Cheyenne in the Nov. 3 General Election.

General elections, especially in years when a presidential election is on the ballot, generally have a much higher voter turnout than primary elections.

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