Collins/Coppinger campaigns
Collins/Coppinger campaigns

The November 2020 general election is two months from Thursday, and early voting will be getting underway soon.

Have you decided who to vote for in the Cheyenne mayoral election?

The two candidates are former Cheyenne City Councilman Patrick Collins and Rick Coppinger, who edged out incumbent Mayor Marian Orr in the August 18 primary election.

Collins finished over 5,000 votes ahead of Coppinger in the primary, but Coppinger's supporters are hoping that a likely big increase in voter turnout for the general election (especially since it is a presidential election) combined with an energetic fall campaign by their candidate will help to narrow that gap. The almost 3,000 people who voted for Mayor Orr could also be critical in deciding the outcome.

Collins, for his part, has said he is not taking anything for granted and will continue working hard right up until election day.

So who do you support? We'll publish the results of our survey in a few days.

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