Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr announced Tuesday that the city has added both gender identity and sexual preference in its statement of non-discrimination for employment.

Orr said in her second state of the city address that she believes Cheyenne can and should be an employer of choice.

"When we talk about wanting a workforce in our community in which wages are paid that are fair and that jobs can be carried out free of harassment and discrimination, I believe that the city should lead by example," said Orr.

"I urge our state legislators to pass statewide non-discrimination employment legislation," she added.

Lawmakers have considered several non-discrimination bills in recent years, but none have received final approval.

​Wyoming House Minority Floor Leader Cathy Connolly, who's been working to get anti-discrimination legislation passed for over a decade now, says she's hopeful 2019 will be the year Wyoming finally does something about discrimination.

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