Attorney Darin Smith has thrown his hat in the ring for the Republican Primary election for Senate District 6 in the Wyoming Legislature.

The seat is currently held by conservative firebrand Anthony Bouchard, who is not running for re-election.

Smith has practiced law since 2000, and according to his campaign news release is known for ''shunning the traditional practice of chasing money and stirring the pot in favor of helping the downtrodden and those less fortunate.''

He and his wife also have a real estate business, and he has served as an executive for the Family Research Council and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

In his campaign announcement, Smith was quoted as saying;

“Wyoming should be a beacon of conservative values. As a whole, Wyoming knows family values better than anyone. But lately we’ve seen half-hearted approaches to critical priorities like protecting our children from horrific liberal agendas, saving our seniors from unconscionable increases in property taxes, and supporting Wyoming agriculture, energy, and jobs.

 “For the last twenty years Wyoming has been in economic purgatory when we should be the leader of industry in the region. At the same time, we have allowed liberal forces to chip away at our families and our Wyoming values. The Wyoming legislature is packed with liberal politicians masquerading as Republicans. We simply cannot put up with another cycle of this onslaught, and we must push back and hold politicians accountable to their votes.''

Five Other Candidates Are Also Running As Republicans In District 6

He joins at least five other Republicans vying for the party's nomination for Senate District 6. They include Eric D. Johnston, Gary Bjorklund, Kim Withers, Mark Torriani, and Taft Love. The deadline for filing for the August 20 primary election is the close of business on Friday, May 31, so it is possible that others could file to run as well.

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