Over 4000 people voted in a Townsquare Media Cheyenne/Laramie poll on legalizing marijuana in Wyoming, with almost 70 percent voting in favor.

Here are the poll results, with the percentage for each choice and the raw vote total:

Vote Count

A-Yes            68.51%                           2,796

C-No           22.18%                              905

B-Only for medical usage    9.31%    380

Total Votes: 4,081

It is important to note that online polls are not demographically weighted to match the profile of the electorate. Anyone can vote, although our poll does limit voting to one vote per IP address.

In Wyoming, there have been several efforts to legalize marijuana over the years, so far without success. A bill to legalize weed sponsored by Rep. Jared Olsen [R-Laramie County] won committee approval in the Wyoming House a couple of years ago. But it died when legislative leaders declined to bring it to the floor of the House in time to meet a deadline for a vote. There have also been attempts at ballot initiatives for legalizing weed in the state, but so far none have made it before voters.

Almost Half Of U.S. States Allow the Recreational Use Of Pot

Among Wyoming's neighboring states, Colorado and Montana have legalized cannabis. South Dakota voters legalized marijuana in 2020, but that result was overturned in court on a legal technicality. Another pot legalization proposal was defeated by South Dakota voters in 2022, and supporters of legalizing cannabis are working to get the issue before voters again this year.

Nationally, 24 states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal in 38 states.

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