Cheyenne Frontier Days visitors will see more police officers on Frontier Park this year.

To increase public safety, CFD will be paying for additional police officers to be present at the rodeos and night shows as well as throughout the park.

"It costs about $100,000 to have the response between the police department and the fire department in order to have the staffing that's needed to cover this event," said police spokesman Officer Kevin Malatesta.

"This year, the city itself has budgeted $50,000 to cover those costs and CFD is providing that other $50,000," he added.  "Next year, CFD will be paying the full cost, and that's the way it's done in most cities for these types of events."

Malatesta says the plan will allow the police department to "maintain its normal operations."

"We will still be fully staffed doing our regular duties and details as we normally do on a day-to-day basis without pulling officers away from those duties to go up to the park," he said.

Malatesta says officers from other agencies around the state will also be brought in to help with the increased staffing demands.


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