Lane Frost was everyone's favorite cowboy. With his friendly smile, bull riding style and larger-than-life personality, Lane Frost was a Cheyenne Frontier Days icon.

Born Lane Clyde Frost on October 12, 1963 seemed to be interested in rodeo since the age of 5 months old, according to his mother. Frost gave a lot of credit to his par excellence bull riding to his dad - Clyde and his friend and mentor Freckles Brown, who taught him how to be a champion.

Frost won the 1986 National Finals Rodeo title and won many other championships across the PRCA's biggest rodeo circuits. At the 1987 PRCA, he rode Bucking Bull of the Year - Red Rock, who unseated bull riders 309 times before Lane Frost rode him successfully in a seven ride match, of which he rode the bull 4 out of 7 times.

Frosts big dream was to make it to Cheyenne Frontier Days and in 1989 his dream came true. However, that would be his last rodeo. After a 91 point ride in the 1989 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, Frost was hit in the back by the horns of a bull named "Taking Care of Business" and died 25 years ago this month (July 30). Internal injuries and broken ribs caused the death of this rodeo rider.

So this month, we remember the cowboy bull rider that many grew to know and love - Lane Frost. You can visit his memorial at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum, where you can see the statue of Lane Frost riding what is believed to be "Red Rock."