The Cheyenne office of the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for southeast Wyoming mountain ranges, starting this evening.

The service issued this statement on its website on Wednesday morning:

"A Winter Storm Watch has been posted for the Snowy and Sierra Madre Ranges. This Watch will encompass two timeframes. We're expecting the first moderate to heavy snow event to begin around midnight tonight and end by Thursday around noon time. A brief lull in the snow until early Thursday evening when another moderate to heavy snow event is looking possible. Overall, we're looking at 15-20 inches of snow to fall across the Snowy and Sierra Madre Ranges at a minimum. Those planning outdoor activities in the Snowy and Sierra Madre Ranges (hunting, snowmobiling, hiking), beware that the heavy snow may lead to whiteout conditions that could leave you disoriented and/or lost. Let someone know your route of travel and an estimated return time in case you do get lost. Snow expected to become more widespread Friday evening into Saturday and more winter headlines may be issued for that timeframe. Stay tuned!"

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