You've probably heard mention of the Digital Cowboys on KGAB, and we wanted to take an opportunity to introduce ourselves, and let you know why we're here.

Pete Aras joined Townsquare Media several months ago to help businesses with marketing and digital presence. He previously worked throughout Latin America, and most recently as Editor in Chief of The Siglo News, an English language newspaper in Guatemala and as Director for Notinet, the online publishing arm of Corporación de Noticias, Guatemala's largest publishing conglomerate.

Jon Green has been with Townsquare since the beginning of 2011 as webmaster, tech troubleshooter and general provocateur. His background is also varied, including time in politics, news media and myriad other endeavors.

We're inviting you to join our digital posse. Just as the railroads and telegraph made the West smaller and more accessible to the rest of the world, the digital revolution has as well. We are here to help you navigate these new technologies, because a smaller world means bigger opportunity.

Join us three times a week:

  • Wednesday mornings from 9:30–10 on KGAB, in The Morning Zone
  • After that, meet us at the Paramount Cafe at 11 for a cup of coffee and your questions
  • Each Saturday from 1–3p on KGAB, in The Computer Corral

We're here to answer your questions, whether about the internet, email, computers in general, your smartphone or television. In short, if it has a chip in it, we traffic in it.

So join us! If you're on Facebook, find us and become our fan here. On Twitter? We are too. Email us your questions. Call us while we're on the air at 888-503-6500 or leave us a message at 307-632-4400. We want you to be able to reach us however is easiest for you.

One last thing. We know you need the right tools to do the job. Monday we're going to award one KGAB Patriot Club member a saddle blanket that's more than just a saddle blanket. It's a ticket.

In late September, fifteen finalists — all with their saddle blankets — will be invited to our offices, where the Digital Cowboys will select a grand prize winner. What's that? A Montana Saddlery horse saddle to put over that blanket, and an Apple iPad3. So make sure you've joined the Patriot Club and enter the contest!