Today is a financial Wednesday that is a jam packed information package just for you. Dave's guests will be:

7:07AM MDT: Chris Markowski, ourWatch Dog on Wall Street will be back to analyze what's happening in our economy. How much longer can the markets continue to climb?

7:37AM MDT: Early Bird Open lines. Call us with your thoughts toll free at 1-888-503-6500 or locally at 307-632-6500 or 632-3323.

8:07AM MDT: John C Privette, Regional Director Small Business Development Center joins us for his regular monthly segment and will be joined by Donn Randall has been with the Wyoming Business Council for the past five years as the Agribusiness Division, Crop and Forage Program Manager, and he directs the Farmers Market Program and the Farms to School Program. As Crop and Forage Program manager, Donn works closely with processed food companies to expand their markets and can help people through the maze of proper food labeling.

9:07AM MDT: Mr. Brian Laridis, an Honest Tea Marketing Manager, Living up to their name, beverage company Honest Tea is commissioning a nationwide experiment throughout the month of July to uncover what people will do when faced with the choice to pay or not to pay when no one seems to be looking. As part of the “Honest Index,” the company is setting up unmanned kiosks at 50 locations across the country stocked with beverages and a jar asking for $1 for the product. It’s a social experiment to see who will abide by the honor system and eventually the "most" and "least" honest cities will be revealed.

9:37AM MDT: KGAB's Digital Cowboy, Jon Green is back to take your calls and comments on all your digital dilemmas.