Back in the '70s it was hip to approach someone and ask what there sign was. Some people take their horoscope very seriously, while others see it as entertainment.

Ashley Oerman, of Women's Health Magazine, talks about what snack foods coincides with your Zodiac sign. You may find that your particular sign does not coincide with your favorite snack foods.

Here is what Ashley found:

  • Aquarius - It has been said that those with this sign are a bit eccentric. Maybe that is why you like to snack on Pop Tarts and really like pickles.
  • Pisces - Two fishes. This is my sign so I guess the powers that be think we're health nuts. Tofu is our favorite food and we like to snack on Cheddar Goldfish. I know this can't be completely true, because I simply hate the taste of Cheez-It's. Always have, always will.
  • Aries - Sounds like with all of the energy that this group has, it's no wonder that Wasabi Peas are the food of choice. However, they fall off the wagon by snacking on the colorful Fruit by the Foot. Yuck!
  • Taurus - Since your a Taurus, you may like Fords, but what do they say you like to eat? Your health food is "green" smoothie. Don't ask what green thing is in there. Grass? A frog? Who knows? But your junk food are organic, dark chocolate peanut butter cups.
  • Gemini - Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde? That maybe an ugly scenario, but apples and peanut butter are not. That is a Gemini's good food, according to the experts. However, you lose your mind as you suck and chew on sugary and, may I say "gross", Sour Patch Kids.
  • Cancer - Are you feeling "crabby" today? You'll sweeten up as you eat your coconut chips. Your favorite junk food are M&M's. I can dig it.
  • Leo - It's been said that you folks are very generous, but how does that generosity measure up to what you put in your mouth? You're kind of healthy or you frequent the movie theater's with popcorn. Your demon would be "Flamin' Hot" Cheetos. Grrrrrrr!
  • Virgo - You're known for paying attention to detail which may be why your healthy food of choice consists of Do-It-Yourself Trail Mix. I personally love the stuff, but it can cause my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) to act up if I eat to much of it. Your vice, albeit good, but not so healthy are Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum!
  • Libra - You are concerned about the approval of others and you do with with much charm. So tell me what is so charming about Kale Chips. I'll admit they are good, but maybe not so charming, but you may win friends with these healthy goodies. However, you have also been known to be an Oreo person. All I can say is, "Got Milk?"
  • Scorpio - According to one source, your favorite phrase is "I desire." So what healthy foods do you desire? Well, Figs are a part of your diet. Be careful though, because if you eat too many, you may find yourself a bit more regular than you expected. Your junk food would be chocolate dipped strawberries. Man, I wish I was you!
  • Sagittarius - For the straightforward individual, you're pretty straightforward as you consume healthy banana chips. Either packaged or homemade, it doesn't matter. But your indulgent snack? Confetti cupcakes. You just lost me pal.
  • Capricorn - As you climb to the top, you let nothing stand in your way, or so we're told. Your health food consists of cracking and eating Sunflower Seeds. But you like to wash those down with a frozen ice cream sandwich. Wow, what a combo! I think.

So what do you think? Are these foods in line with how you snack? Or are you like me as I protest Cheez-It Goldfish and say the sources are wrong? Let us know what you think.