You can't do July 4th without some delicious food and Google has a pretty good idea of what we'll be eating.

It's just about time to celebrate our nation's independence. And if your family is anything like mine, there will be tons of food. My in-laws really know how to throw down when it comes to holidays and this year I decided to pick up a pie instead of trying to make it. Of course, I've already gotten into that pie since I have no self control... so now I'm back to square one. Maybe I should just make something and hope I will stay away from it for a little longer.

What are you cooking up for the holiday?

Google seems to have an educated guess at what we're serving for the Fourth of July. You may recall last Independence Day, Google updated their Doodles (the theme of their landing page logo) with the most searched-for food items in each state. This is a pretty good indicator of what dishes are typically on the table for our fourth festivities.

In Wyoming, we are searching for the perfect banana bread recipe.

Typically when I think of Fourth of July desserts, I think of something with apples or cherries, but I do love me some banana bread. Especially if there are chocolate chips in it. How do you like your banana bread? Do you have a special recipe you'd like to share? Tell us below!

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