The search of a pond and manure pile at Laramie County Community College for the remains of a missing Cheyenne boy has come up empty.

Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. Don Hollingshead says authorities began searching the area northwest of the college's Agriculture Building Tuesday afternoon after receiving a tip that 13-month-old Silas Ojeda's body might be there.

"We brought a cadaver dog out yesterday (Tuesday) and the dog alerted on a large manure pile as well as the livestock pond that's out in that area," said Hollingshead.

"They started yesterday on the manure pile a little bit and then determined they wanted to broaden the search and bring in divers and things like that just to be completely positive that no stone was left unturned," Hollingshead added.

Hollingshead says the alerts the dog got from the area might have been some decomposition from the manure pile.

Earlier this month, the Laramie County Sheriff's Department searched a landfill west of Ault, Colorado for the boy's remains.

"The landfill search was the ultimate needle in the haystack," said Hollingshead. "The further it goes out, the less chance there is of us finding anything viable to relate to young Silas."

Hollingshead says investigators are still conducting interviews with people related to the case and that they will continue to follow up on any viable leads.

"It doesn't matter whether it's today, tomorrow, next week or next year, if we get a tip that is viable that we feel is necessary to go to this extent on we'll do it again," said Hollingshead.

Twenty-three-year-old Logan Rogers, Silas' mother's boyfriend, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangering with methamphetamine in the boy's death.

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