It's that time of year when you will hear the bells and have the opportunity to fill the red kettles throughout Cheyenne.  On Friday, the Salvation Army hosted the Red Kettle Kick-Off at Little America. There were a host of people who came to hear the story about what the Salvation Army is and what they do.

Since 1889, The Salvation Army has been serving people in the Cheyenne area. Last year, nearly 18,000 hot lunches were served in town and over 400 food boxes are distributed each month in Cheyenne. Every Christmas more than 2,500 toys are given to needy children here and 87 cents of every dollar donated in Cheyenne is used to help other.

They are much more than just giving out food boxes to the poor in Cheyenne. They also help people in third world countries around the world with clean water and supplies they need for nutrition, in order to thrive and stay healthy. Something we tend to take for granted here in Cheyenne.

Lt. Doug Hansen shared that Cheyenne raised $95,000 last year, which is about $1.50 per person in Laramie County. This year their goal is $113,000 and barring any cold snap hindrances, he suspects that they will meet their goal.

The luncheon and presentation was sponsored by local business Gill Window Company as well as many table sponsors. Red kettles were the center piece of the event and a $10.00 donation in the kettle, got you your own bell.

At the end of the presentation, Lt. Doug Hansen, the Commanding Officer for the corps here in Cheyenne, invited everyone to take a photo with a hash tag card explaining why you support the kettle. You can take a photo and post it on #RedKettleReason as to why you support the kettle.

In the words of the late Michael Jackson, it all starts with the man in the mirror. If we want to make our world a better place, we must take a look at ourselves and make the change. It's a great cause. If everyone does a little, spare change or big bills, a lot can and will be accomplished this Christmas season.