A recently-released study by NiceRX finds Wyoming has the second-highest alcohol-related death rate in the country, trailing only New Mexico.

You can read the entire study here.

Here are the rankings, according to the study:

Top 10 states with the highest rates of alcohol-related deaths


RankStateAverage Death Rate per 100,000 people
1New Mexico34.3
4South Dakota21.2
6North Dakota19.7


The research also revealed the following about Wyoming:

  • The total cost of excessive alcohol consumption across the state is $593.1m, which is equivalent to $1,052 per capita.
  • The average adult in this state drinks 2.78 gallons of alcohol each year.

While Wyoming did finish third in the cost of excessive alcohol consumption per person, it was only 14th in per capita alcohol consumption.

The NiceRX study is not the only report in recent years that has raised concerns about alcohol-related issues for the state.

Wyoming is consistently ranked as one of the states with the highest rate of drunk driving. The state also tends to have an unusually high suicide rate, and some experts say that alcohol may play a role in that as well.

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