Now is the time when the folks at the office have figured out who their 'Secret Santa' is going to be. This is a fun activity to relieve the stress and bring the office together.

People have received all kinds of different, weird and funny gifts from their Secret Santa's. Here are some ideas, if you're still trying to figure out what to get that fellow worker in your office.

  1. A Bag of Rocky Mountain Oysters - These goodies are the scrotum of a bull calf, but people in Wyoming love them! Never mind what they're eating, but rather focus on the taste of these delicacies. Make sure to wrap the dipping sauce too.
  2. Pokes Gear - Everything and anything from the University of Wyoming. Hats, jersey's, key chains and other UW paraphernalia.
  3. CFD Tickets - You can try and win a great package to Cheyenne Frontier Days by signing up here.
  4. Virtual Pets - You can bring your horse, cow or dog with you wherever you go with a virtual pet.
  5. Desktop Shooting Game - You can 'blast away' the boredom in your cubicle with this little beauty.