A rally organized by people who want to ''Re-open Wyoming'' is slated for 4 p.m. Friday (today) at the Wyoming Capitol Building in Cheyenne, according to a post on Facebook.

The Facebook page was also critical of an announcement by Governor Mark Gordon that he is looking at a phased lifting of restrictions imposed to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

A similar rally on Tuesday at noon drew roughly 80 to 100 protestors.

The following statement was posted on the page on Thursday afternoon:

''Governor Gordon just said in today's press conference HE WILL NOT! #ReOpenWyoming, only "Ease" us open. With every passing day Wyoming citizens are suffering! Enough already! It is the time to Act! If you haven't already done so EMAIL GOVERNOR GORDON today!"

Meanwhile. Cheyenne mayoral candidate James Johnson, who has been a vocal critic on social media of the restrictions. said on his campaign Facebook page that he plans to speak at the rally.

The Facebook page for today's rally encouraged social distancing and said people could simply drive by if they choose. But it also told people they could ''do what you are comfortable with."



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