Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon on Friday announced a veto of a bill that would have banned most gun-free zones in Wyoming.

In announcing his decision to veto House Bill 125, the governor cited concerns about the separation of powers under the Wyoming Constitution. He also said the bill would erode local control:

“House Bill 125/Enrolled Act No. 49, erodes historic local control norms by giving sole authority to the Legislature to micromanage a constitutionally protected right,” Governor Gordon wrote in his veto letter. “Any further clarification of the law, if this bill were enacted, would augment the Legislature’s reach into local firearms regulation.”

The Governor noted the bill would require each state facility, such as the University of Wyoming, Wyoming State Hospital, or the Wyoming Boys School, to receive legislative approval to restrict carrying firearms, or even to set policies as practical as proper weapon storage. It would also repeal the statute that has allowed school districts to establish specific policies allowing concealed carry in their districts.

Gun Rights Group Issues Sharp Response To Veto

Supporters of the measure are not happy. Wyoming Gun Owners, in a Facebook post, called the governor a liar:

''Governor Mark Gordon is a liar. He promised, in writing, to sign our legislation to repeal deadly 'Gun Free Zones.'
Tonight, he broke that promise and VETOED HB-125 as a favor to the WY Association of Municipalities, Everytown for Gun Safety, and the teachers' unions.
Mark, you're a fraud, and gun owners will never forget it. Never.''
So what do you think? Did the governor do the right thing by vetoing the bill? Or do you think he should have signed the bill into law?
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