Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has vetoed a bill that would have allowed the legislature to sue the federal government.

He vetoed a second bill that he said would "create confusion for consumers, meat processors and producers." 

All the bills were passed during the recently concluded session of the Wyoming Legislature. The governor took the action on Friday, March 15.

Gordon vetoed SF0013 - Federal land use plans - legal actions authorized. The measure would have authorized the Wyoming legislature to sue the federal government and would have authorized the body to borrow up to $75 million from the legislative stabilization reserve account to take legal action. The account is often called the LSRA or ''rainy day fund.''  The bill had passed the Wyoming Senate by a margin of 20-9 with two absent. It sailed through the Wyoming House by a 47-15 vote.

In his veto message, the governor said the bill was a “clear attempt to cross, blur and trample the line of separation between our equal, but separate, branches of government.” He also said the bill was not fiscally conservative. 

Gordon likewise vetoed SF0103 - Wyoming PRIME Act. This bill was a trigger bill that would take effect only if the federal Prime Act was passed by Congress. The federal bill would exempt meat that will only be distributed in a state from federal inspection requirements. The state bill would allow a producer to sell ''meat products from cattle, sheep, swine or goats raised by the producer that were slaughtered on the premises of the producer or at a custom slaughter facility"  under certain conditions.

Gordon said the bill would confuse the public and meat producers.

The Governor on Friday signed the following bills passed by the legislature into law:

SEA0034 SF0014 State fair board-powers and responsibilities.

SEA0035 SF0113 Light and high profile vehicle closures-2.

SEA0039 SF0096 Trusts and bank assets in bankruptcy-clarification.

SEA0040 SF0080 Solid waste management-definition amendments.

SEA0043 SF0053 Sixth judicial district-number of judges

SEA0046 SF0026 Special district vacancies

SEA0047 SF0035 Public records-DOC investigations.

SEA0053 SF0023 Public utilities-energy resource procurement.

SEA0059 SF0100 Prompt payment of insurance claims.

SEA0063 SF0083 Revisor's bill.

SEA0064 SF0090 State-managed local government equity investment pool.

SEA0069 SF0042 Low-carbon reliable energy standards-amendments.

HEA0043 HB0126 Child care is a residential use of property.

HEA0046 HB0058 Forensic genetic genealogy pilot program.

HEA0047 HB0029 Cold case database and investigations.

HEA0051 HB0138 State funds-pool A participation and fund limits.

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