Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon on Friday signed 11 bills passed by the 2024 Wyoming Legislature into law.

Gordon Signed These Bills Into Law

HEA0033 HB0145 Open banking-amendments.

HEA0034 HB0141 State land oil and gas leases-operator requirement.

HEA0035 HB0093 Animal reimbursement program account amendments-2.

HEA0036 HB0020 School finance-regional cost adjustment study.

HEA0038 HB0197 Sales tax administration revisions.

HEA0039 HB0043 State forestry good neighbor-positions.

HEA0040 HB0116 Sage grouse implementation-notice to landowners.

HEA0041 HB0083 Public retirement-actuarially determined contributions.

HEA0042 HB0036 Natural Resource Protection Act.

SEA0029 SF0020 Electricity rates for costs that do not benefit Wyoming.

SEA0033 SF0008 Health insurance for volunteer emergency responders.

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