The Wyoming Senate on Thursday agreed to changes made in the Wyoming House of Representatives on bills banning child sex changes and red flag law gun seizures, among several other bills.

These measures will now go to Governor Mark Gordon who can sign the bills, veto all or part of them, or let them become law without his signature.

The Senate concurred with House changes to Senate File 99, known as ''Chloe's Law." The major change the house had made in the law was removing the name of the bill, no longer calling it ''Chloe's Law." But bill sponsor Senator Anthony Bouchard, a Republican from Laramie County, said the substance of the bill essentially remained the same and urged the Senate to concur with the final House version of the bill. That passed by a 28-2 margin, with senators Case and Rothfuss voting no.

Senators likewise voted to concur with changes made in the House to Senate file 109, which prohibits red flag law gun seizures.

Bill sponsor Sen. Bo Biteman urged senators to concur with several Amendments, saying "The heart of the bill is still the same, you cannot seize someone's firearms without due process. Still a very important piece of legislation.'' Senators voted for concurrence by a vote of 30-0-1 with one senator absent.

Senators on Thursday morning also concurred with House changes to SF 125, Pari-mutual wagering amendments, SF 47, law enforcement retirement contributions, SF 24, the Public Service Commission integrated plans bill, and  Senate File 6, dealing with temporary licenses for nursing home administrators.

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