Laramie County School District#1 has announced a ban on the display of Confederate flags on district grounds but allowing the display of the rainbow flag commonly used as a symbol of LGBTQ rights.

The decision comes after an incident last week in which both flags were displayed in an incident at McCormick Junior High School. Anti-gay and racist flyers were distributed at the school several weeks ago.

While a local newspaper report came out following the incident saying the display of the rainbow flag was banned in the district, LCSD#1 officials on Friday issued a statement saying the rainbow flag could still be displayed, but the Confederate flag could not.

Supporters of that policy say the Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred and oppression, while the rainbow flag is a symbol of inclusion. But opponents say the Confederate flag is a part of American history and deny that it is a symbol of hatred.

They also say being able to display the Confederate flag is a First Amendment issue. Others say school is not the place for the expression of political opinions and call for the banning of all flags except the American flag and Wyoming state flag.

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