With the 2020 Presidential Election still ongoing this week, there's plenty across the country that can't stop watching and need to find a way to cope with what's happening so it only makes sense that caffeine and alcohol seem to be high traffic Google searches this week.

According to MarketWatch, the tight presidential race has people typing in Google searches for 'coffee' scored at an all-time high in the country during 'Election Night'. Not only were people searching for a source of caffeine, but also something to take the edge off. Both 'alcoholic drink' and 'liquor stores near me' set records as the close race between incumbent President Donald Trump and the former Vice President Joe Biden presses on.

Not only that, but plenty of stress eating seemed to be a factor. Searches for 'Fries near me' were also at an all-time high, along with the top following food searches via Google: Pizza, Chinese, Liquor, Sushi, and Mexican.

In the meantime, it certainly seems like this week started about 27 weeks ago. So do your best to stay calm as we edge closer to the end of this election. Regardless of who you're for, you can always Google what source of caffeine, alcohol, or food is near you to help you cope with all of it. We'll get through it.

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