The Old Farmer's Almanac says we can expect a "sizzling" hot summer in a few months.

That's according to the publication's "Summer Weather Forecast 2023."

For what it's worth, the almanac's most recent track record on seasonal weather forecasting tends to inspire some confidence.

They predicted a "glacial snow-filled winter'" for Wyoming in the season that is just now wrapping up. After winter weather that saw Cheyenne dip to the double-digit subzero range several times, including a -26 reading in December and a -20 more recently, it's hard to say they were wrong. It's also been an unusually snowy winter for much of southeast Wyoming.

So what does the almanac predict for the summer of 2023?

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''While we hate to be the bearer of bad news, we’d be amiss not to warn you of what our long-range weather outlook is pointing to –Sizzling Temperatures (again!). Our forecast, which is based on a proprietary formula that relies on many factors, including the Moon, is calling for a warmer than normal summer for most of the nation!''

The publication says last summer was the third hottest ever recorded nationally and asks "Could we be on track to set a new record? in 2023.

A map on the website predicts "broiling hot" weather for a section of the country that includes Wyoming.

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