The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a cold, showy winter for much of the country in 2022-2023.

That includes Wyoming, which is shown on a map as being part of a "Hibernation Zone, Glacial Snow-Filled" area according to the publication:

Farmer's Almanac
Farmer's Almanac

In general, the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a colder than usual winter for much of the country, including almost all of the northern part of the lower 48 states. The periodical says some areas of the northern United States could plunge to -40 degrees in early 2023. The almanac says most of the country should be ready to "shake, shiver and shovel" this winter

Only the southwest is expected to have a downright mild winter. But the ''drier than normal'' prediction for that section of the country is not good news in light of ongoing drought conditions, assuming that it proves accurate.

Of the north-central part of the country, including Wyoming, the publication predicts: "Snow lovers will be happy in the North Central States as they will see a fair share of storminess during the winter season, which should mean plenty of snow for winter enthusiasts to enjoy (maybe even in time for a white Christmas?)."

The 230th edition of the Farmer's Almanac will be available in paperback one week from today, on August 17th.

The publication says it uses there different factors in predicting the weather:

  • solar science, the study of sunspots and other solar activity;
  • climatology, the study of prevailing weather patterns; and
  • meteorology, the study of the atmosphere

We predict weather trends and events by comparing solar patterns and historical weather conditions with current solar activity.''

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