Over 30 back-in angled parking spots have been added in downtown Cheyenne, according to a Facebook post by the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority.

According to the post, a dozen new parking spaces are located on 20th Street between Bent Avenue and the railroad tracks. Another 19 have been added on 19th Street between O'Nell and Bent avenues.

The Facebook post links to a Hoboken, New Jersey governmental website on the alleged advantages of reverse angle parking. That website makes several arguments in favor of the back-in parking, including

-improved visibility and better vision because motorists are better able to see oncoming traffic as opposed to backing out of parking spaces.

-fewer collisions, related to the improved visions

-better safety for children because "Car doors open in a manner that directs children to the back of the vehicle, ushering them towards the sidewalk rather than the street."

-better safety for cyclists because ""Car doors that open will not result in “dooring” of cyclists, and as vehicles exit their parking stall, they are able to see cyclists in the roadway."

-improved loading and unloading.

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