Collins for Cheyenne Mayor Facebook page.
Collins for Cheyenne Mayor Facebook page.

Cheyenne Mayor-Elect Patrick Collins on Saturday issued a statement on his decision not to retain Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak.

Collins' statement follows a release from Chief Kozak claiming that Collins's decision not to retain him was based on inaccurate data. Current Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr has also spoken out in favor of Kozak. In response, Collins issued the following statement yesterday:

"The crime numbers on the Division of Criminal Investigation’s web site have come directly from Chief Kozak and the Cheyenne Police Department. This alone is troubling because it gives the public the appearance that he may have misrepresented Cheyenne’s crime numbers to the State of Wyoming and Nation for the past five years.

Chief Kozak was able to modify the numbers in one day. I can’t understand why he choose to not fix them over the past five years.
I was elected to deliver new leadership and vision for Cheyenne, and as mayor-elect I have concluded that includes new leadership and vision for our police and fire services. This new administration will not include Chief Kozak, and I wish him well. I am looking forward to working with the fine men and women of our police and fire departments, and all city staff and employees, as we work hard for all of the people of Cheyenne."

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