KGAB reported Wednesday (December 9) that Cheyenne Mayor-elect Patrick Collins said his decision not to retain Police Chief Brian Kozak when he takes office on January 4, has to do with crime numbers in Cheyenne.

On Friday (December 11) the Cheyenne Police Department released a statement saying that the Mayor-elect's decision was based on inaccurate crime data caused by a computer software failure.

Late Friday afternoon, outgoing Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr released a statement in support of Chief Kozak.

Orr said, "It’s abundantly clear Mr Collins didn’t bother to fact-check the data he cited...I’m posting this not as a “sore loser” in the mayoral race - but that as a resident of Cheyenne - we will all be losers without Chief Kozak and the trust he built. We will lose our department as we know it."

Also late Friday, the Cheyenne Police Department posted "an internal crime data summary" on the department's official Facebook. The department added that the "CPD has maintained a manual accounting of accurate clearance rates from 2015-2019."

You can view the entire summary (in PDF file format) HERE:

Via Chyenne Police Department:
Via Cheyenne Police Department:


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