A 31-year-old St. Louis man previously convicted for drug possession is facing a federal gun charge after police found him in possession of a loaded, 9mm pistol used in a shooting in northeast Cheyenne earlier this month.

Police spokesman Officer David Inman says officers were called to a shooting in the area of 2400 Dell Range Boulevard around 1 a.m. on Sept. 15, and arrived to find 28-year-old Lonnie Lieurance, Jr., and 35-year-old Larry Turner, Jr., both of Cheyenne, suffering from gunshot wounds.

According to a criminal complaint filed on Sept. 23, an investigation determined Jordan McCowan drove the two victims and another person to 4718 Mountain Road where Lieurance went upstairs to apartment 316 by himself. McCowan later followed with Turner and an altercation ensued.

It was determined that while inside the apartment, Lieurance shot 41-year-old Cheyenne resident Jana Hurd with a 9mm round, and Lieurance and Turner were shot by a separate party. The complaint didn't identify the separate party.

McCowan, who fled the scene and was arrested two days later, reportedly told police that he ran out of the apartment and was running through the parking lot when he heard Lieurance yelling that he'd been shot.

He said he put Lieurance in the vehicle they arrived in and drove him to a nearby gas station where Lieurance handed him a pistol that Lieurance initially took up to the apartment with him. McCowan then left with the pistol.

Police say McCowan admitted to serving prison time and knowing he was prohibited from possessing a firearm. If convicted of the federal gun charge, he could face up to 10 years in prison.


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