The hackers and hijackers are at it again, although this time they want your money. A new ransomware is out and about which can lock up your computer and cause havoc.

The old trick has a new name: Spora and it is a nasty little beast that can upset your computer and potentially scare people into giving the hijackers money.

According to the report, Spora can cause off-line encryption. Some of the older ransomware would bring an FBI warning to the computer, thus locking it up and accusing the user of viewing child porn or unlicensed materials. Pretty scary.

Should this happen to you, don't pay them. Contact a professional to clean your computer because if you are able to unlock the virus, remnants of it may still be lingering in your computer.

In order to prevent this from happening, here are some tips that may help you prevent this headache and hijacking.

  • Keep your anti-virus programs up-to-date. My computer professionals have advised me to run mine at least once a week.
  • Make sure you do all of your updates in a secure location, like your home.
  • Don't access your personal banking information on public Wi-Fi stations.

Also, make sure you backup everything on your computer regularly just in case you become a victim of this vicious ransomware.


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