The Laramie City Council adopted an ordinance last night removing the unconstitutional time limitations imposed by the Laramie Unified Development Code on political signs.

The action follows an accelerated review process that began with a June 30 notice to Laramie City Officials from WyLiberty staff attorney Boyd Wiggam identifying constitutional violations in the City's sign regulations.

Wiggam in a news release said "the City of Laramie's sign ordinance trampled on the right of city residents who wanted to communicate the most basic of political messages: early and continued support for a politician."

Wiggam alerted the City of Laramie to Constitutional deficiencies in its sign ordinance in June, noting the City of Cheyenne's history of losing legal challenges to similar sign restrictions. The City of Laramie acted immediately to place amendments to the sign ordinance on its agenda and to advance those changes quickly, culminating in final action on the resulting Original Ordinance No. 1989 Tuesday night.

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