A spokesman for a group that lobbies for small government says Wyoming is not getting a decent return on education funding.

Austin Hein of Wyoming Liberty Group says one problem is that increases in school funding disproportionately goes to pay for administrators rather than classroom teachers.

Hein says since the 1990s teacher salaries have remained more or less flat, but administrator salaries "have gone up ten-fold."

Hein said that while a guarantee of free public education for all students is in the Wyoming Constitution, people wrongly use that "as an argument to just shovel more and more money into this pit." Hein made the comments on KGAB radio on Friday morning in an interview with Glenn Woods.

Wyoming currently faces a projected school funding deficit of around $350 million for each of the next two bienniums. Several proposed tax increases to help pay for state schools were defeated in the 2019  Wyoming Legislature.

You can see the entire interview in the video attached to this article.

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