A spokeswoman for the Wyoming Liberty Group wants Laramie County School District#1 to release the findings of an investigation of bullying at McCormick Junior School in Cheyenne.

That's according to Cassie Craven of the Liberty Group, who is also a Cheyenne attorney. She says according to what Wyoming Liberty Group is hearing, bullying was widespread at McCormick and involved victims other than just LGBTQ students and members of racial minorities.

In fact, Craven says her organization is hearing widespread reports of bullying in schools across Wyoming. She says in at least some cases, the problem appears to be "systemic." An investigation into bullying at McCormick was launched after anti-gay and racist flyers were posted at the school.

While the district has released a statement on the report and announced an action plan to combat bullying in the district, the report itself has not yet been made public. Craven was interviewed by Glenn Woods on KGAB radio on Cheyenne on Friday morning. The interview also delved into a wide range of education issues dealing with Wyoming schools.

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