Getting ready for Spring planting? Then you'll want to know that the Cheyenne City Sanitation Department is giving away free, single-grind mulch in honor of Earth Day 2014.

Single-grind mulch is typically comprised of hardwoods, such as oak, and come from chipped branches or small trees. Many times pallets and old wood from a demolition project also find their way into it (this year, the mulch is from recycled Christmas trees). As it breaks down, it becomes alkaline, benefiting all but those plants that need a lot of acid.

The free mulch pick-up runs from Wednesday, April 23 thru Wednesday April 30, 2014. Cheyenne residents can each take one load at the City of Cheyenne Compost Facility (on Windmill Road).

For more information about compost facility hours or the free mulch, call 307-637-6440.

Happy Earth Day.

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